Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

राज्य के समस्त अभ्‍यर्थियों को लूटतंत्र एवं भीड़तंत्र से बचाना है | 

Building the Nation with value based education. Chandra Academy always has the vision of bringing forward the brilliant minds of the nation having the finest qualities to become great Indian leaders. The institute works towards achieving the goal of improving the society and the nation by nurturing the brilliant minds of their students and propelling them to reach their full potential.

Chandra Academy

Our Mission:

हम बस्तर से एक उद्देश्य लेकर आए है | जिसके लिए हमें 3 बार राज्य सरकार द्वारा सम्मानित किया गया |

The foundation of Chandra Academy was laid with a humble vision to develop and nurture talent by fulfilling the dreams of aspirants to join the top-most administrative services of the country. We empower them with the right kind of attitude, honing up their personality and skills and inculcate competitive attitude amongst them which help them to stay ahead in their life. We believe that everyone has talent and with right kind of guidance, commitment, discipline and dedication nothing is impossible to achieve.